About Dragon Fire Charcoal

Dragon Fire Charcoal intends to be Australia’s premier supplier of charcoal & solid biofuels. Further it is our aim to supply products that have been manufactured from sustainable & ethical sources.

Australians are well known for their love of barbecuing. The hot summers and mild winters means there is a opportunity to barbecue throughout much of the country the whole year round.

Charcoal has been made since ancient times. It has been used as a fuel for domestic & industrial activities as far back as 3750BC by the Egyptians and Sumerians.

There are many misconceptions about the production of charcoal for domestic use. Charcoal is CO2 neutral and a renewable fuel. When it has been produced from renewable sources such as plantations, the wood in most cases is not being grown as a fuel. Rather it is for such things as furniture, building materials or pulp & paper production. In these cases it is usual for only 15-20% of the tree to be turned into charcoal. Also, as soon as a tree is felled another one is planted in its place. Not only does it reabsorb the carbon dioxide emitted by burning the charcoal, it absorbs a lot more to grow the replacement tree back to maturity.

Recent research has shown that 75-80% of all fossil fuels will need to be left in the ground to keep the global temperature rise below 2o Celsius. Using barbecues that burn gas or other fossil fuels emits CO2 that is not being reabsorbed to create more fossil fuels and therefore contributes to global climate change.

Dragon Fire Charcoal products will help save the world, one barbie at a time.

Dragonfire Charcoal 5kg bag